16 September 2013


Ini adalah jawapan yang anda cari.. Di jawab sendiri oleh Shaklee US.. Jemput baca ye supaya tiada keraguan lagi. 
Intro bermulanya Shaklee..
Vitamin Shaklee telah bertapak di Malaysia sebelum merdeka lagi iaitu pada tahun 1956 dan Vitamin pertama dicipta di dunia adalah Shaklee Vitalea iaitu pada tahun 1915..lebih kurang 100 tahun yang lalu.. anda masih ragu lagi dengan vitamin-vitamin Shaklee

Ini jawapan dr Shaklee US & Shaklee (M)

For 56 years, Shaklee has been a global household name for the highest-quality beauty and wellness products.

We are the #`1 Natural Food Supplement company in US. Plenty of company claim their products work. But at Shaklee, we have proof. You see it in the over 100 scientific papers, 90 of them published in peer-reviewed journals, that prove the effectiveness of Shaklee products.

To state that Shaklee relied in old technology is simply NOT true. We keep improving our products quality by investing over 300 million USD in clinical testing, research, and development.
1) Beta carotene -> improve formula - Carotomax (with over 6 carotenoids- recently we have added astaxanthin - the king of carotenoids );
2) Essential fish oil -> improve formula - Omegaguard ( with more EPA & DHA with triple molecular distillation process) ;
3) calcium magnesium -> Ostematrix ( with more key Bone health nutrients )
4) joint health complex -> advanced joint health tablets ( added with boswellia extract .

For e.g -Landmark study at UC Berkley with Dr. Gladys Block. The objective of the study was to determine of long term users of Shaklee products (20 years of more) exhibited advantages of others that are using X brand of a multi-vitamin.

Result showed that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than those who took other brands of multivitamins. And you proof in the 54 gold medals won by Shaklee powered world-class athletes.
And the most enlightening proof of all is in the millions of real people who have lived healthier, more productive lives because of Shaklee. Before any Shaklee product reaches your hand, we’ve done the hard work to make sure it does what we say it does.

Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation about products and ingredients. One person even said that magnesium stearate is a trans fat and is bad for you.I am wondering what credible research this came from?

Some websites have misleading information regarding the safety of magnesium stearate. Some of these sites claim magnesium stearate, even in amounts a fraction of a gram as found in dietary supplement capsules, is dangerous. There is no evidence this is true, particularly the tiny amounts found in supplements. If you have credible studies please forward. The research that I have read states that magnesium stearate in the small amounts found in capsules does not have any side effects or causes any harm. There is no evidence that small amounts of stearic acid are harmful. Again if you find it please forward.

Again there is so much misleading research on soy. Soy in itself is not bad but the way it is manufactured. Please see Dr. Steve Chaney's post "Is Soy Good For You"

The average Shaklee consumer uses Shaklee product for 14 years and that is because they get results on products that have been designed for results.


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